Thank you!

Every so often I have the opportunity to go into the community and talk to people about deathcare and matters related to death and dying. I absolutely love doing this because making sure that people understand their choices and are informed about options is a huge passion of mine... and I love sharing that passion with the community. Through Boise Learns I freely give my time (although Boise Learns does have a small charge for the classes) to share with members in my community who take the time to step outside of their lives for a night and converse about the ins and outs of death and dying. After one of my recent classes someone sent the following note to the Boise Learns people about my class. I had just had a particularly rough day at the funeral home and this really lifted me up. I want to publicly thank this kind stranger for making my day a whole lot brighter today. Here is what the note said:

Just a quick note to say this was the best Community Ed class I have taken so far!! Professional, informative, conversational, straightforward, and not as depressing as I thought it would be…haha! The instructor answered ALL our questions. It was fascinating to hear how much thought and detail goes into funeral planning and what the mortuary does to make the process smoother. The handouts were awesome, as were the resources shared.

I’ve been to quite a few Community Ed classes. What impressed me about this one, beside what I mentioned above, is the instructor didn’t try to sneak in information on her business. She came to share information with us. Period. Granted there aren’t that many mortuaries in the valley but she didn’t come across as promoting her employer, she came across as someone who wanted to make the process natural, to inform us of things we can do now so that our (or our loved one’s) wishes are known, and what we can do now to prepare, no matter which funeral home we chose. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!

Thank you for making these classes available.

Well kind stranger... THANK YOU TOO!